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Who can obtain QAFP?

The QAFP system has an open structure and the certification process is voluntarily and depends only on the decision of a particular producer, farmer, or distributor. However, the willingness to obtain the QAFP certificate entails a readiness to undergo compulsory certification process which is comprised of a number of suggestions and norms concerning every stage of the production process and the obligation to provide constant reports about the development and the actual situation of the company.

When producers apply for the certificate, they have to present a detailed documentation about their facility and their activities. After signing agreements with units responsible for obeying the QAFP standards, a producer is obliged to undertake the steps which confirm the introduction of strict norms in such areas as:

  • animal welfare, including proper feeding and breeding conditions
  • infrastructure for the birds –proper ventilation and lightning
  • strict hygiene and sanitary norms during slaughtering, cutting, and the poultry processing
  • transportation based on preserving the welfare of the husbandry and performed in line with the technical requirements concerning vehicles
  • modern and sterile methods of meat packing and labeling
  • conditions of storing and selling the final products.

A constant supervision of a veterinary physician is an important element of the verification process. A vet is obliged to control each area of the production process. The system guarantees reliable control of the producers responsible for a particular stage of the production process – farm to table and any deviation from the norm, even the tiniest, disqualifies the final product and deprives it of the QAFP mark. In order to maintain high production standards, the units that attempt to obtain the QAFP certificate are obliged to undergo regular controls and audits conducted by the certifying body. The final stage of the certification process is obtaining a proper certificate and signing an agreement with the National Poultry Council concerning the usage of the QAFP mark.