The European Union supports campaigns that promote high quality agricultural products.

Guarantee of quality

High quality of the poultry meat relying on strict norms and the meat safety was the fundamental priority when the QAFP system was designed. In order to meet the obligation of standards’ obedience, each stage of the production process needs to meet the quality demands of the system. Among the factors guarantying that the standards are stable and high are:

  • professionals who created the QAFP system – a group of selected market professionals and scholars comprised the group that created the project – they have developed its assumptions and regulations in line with the European Union norms, moderns procedures in the poultry meat production process, and the demands of todays customers
  • complex certification process – the system is open and it means that the companies voluntarily and consciously decide to make an effort to obey additional quality norms (apart from the local and the EU norms). Each producer is obliged to follow a demanding certification and control process that is the same for every company.
  • The quality specification of each product with a QAFP logo is verified by an independent controlling agent at least once a year.
  • Strict regulations determining each stage of the production process – breeding, fattening, and producing the poultry products, packing, labeling, distributing, and selling the QAFP certified products takes places only on these chicken farms which have been certified and which have implemented strict norms at every stage of the production process.
  • Strict norms concerning additives to provender and meat – one of the key QAFP regulations is a total prohibition of enhancing provender with antibiotics, growth hormones, and growth stimulators and injecting meat with water of other substances.
  • A system of controls – the certified producers are systematically controlled and they undergo obligatory audits. The results of these controls are documented and analyzed in detail. Any deviation from the norm, even the tiniest, disqualifies the final product and deprives it of the QAFP mark.
  • Full transparency of the production process – one of the main assumptions of the QAFP system is the full transparency on each stage of “farm to table” production which does not allow producers to ignore or evade the implementation of a given norm.
  • The obligation to produce a repetitive, high quality final product – the pillar of the QAFP system is presenting customers a safe, repetitive product of outstanding flavor.