During the last visit in China of the representation of producers and experts of the Program “European Poultry – strong on quality” on the occasion of the China International Meat Industry Week (CIMIW), organised by the China Meat Association (CMA), during a meeting with the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) – the office responsible for admitting export of particular products onto the Chinese market, the European delegation received the information that after a long wait, the Chinese market was open for poultry originating from one country of the European Union – Poland – the largest – according to Eurostat [1] – EU producer of this type of meat.

Poland, similarly to the other EU countries previously admitted to export, lost the possibility to send poultry to the Chinese market after an attack of highly dangerous bird flu virus HPAI at the end of 2016. Therefore, for 2 years the export of poultry to the Middle Kingdom was completely blocked. We believe that after Poland, permission to export will be obtained by other countries of the European Union, such as France and Holland.

Currently, 5 Polish plants which previously sent poultry to China are entitled to send poultry meat. Soon the list is to be broadened to include new plants and a new assortment.

The over-production of European poultry offers huge potential for Chinese importers, and meat originating from the European Union is valued for its high quality. An additional value of meat brought onto the Chinese market from Europe is the QAFP sign (Quality Assurance for Food Products), guaranteeing the application during production of mandatory EU regulations regarding breeding, raising and production of poultry, as well as additional requirements determining the attainment of high quality parameters of the final product.

The organiser of the campaign European Poultry – strong on qualityis the Polish sector union associating poultry breeders and producers – the National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce. During the CIMIW, representatives of the organiser were accompanied by campaign experts and representatives of renowned European firms in the sector of poultry meat production. During meetings conducted as part of the visit in China, those interested had the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information regarding the quality advantages of poultry meat originating from Europe, labelled with the QAFP sign of quality.  

[1] https://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/sites/agriculture/files/dashboards/poultry-meat-dashboard_en.pdf

This website has been prepared for the purpose of the program which was financed in 2016-2019 from the European Union and the Republic of Poland, as well as from the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund.