The global tendency in the poultry market allows for an optimistic outlook for European producers. Market data indicate that the beginning of 2018 was a good time for most European poultry producers. According to Eurostat[1] data, export of high quality poultry meat from the entire European Union to other markets increased by  9.1% in quantitative terms (in the period: January-April 2018 compared to January – April 2017), the best result seen in several years.

The production of high quality poultry meat in the EU in the first four months of 2018 increased by 6.5% compared to the same period in 2017[2]. Due to its outstanding flavour and quality, European poultry can position itself highly in international markets, adding variety to regional dishes.   More and more often, European producers are working together with countries of Asia and the Near East.

One of the non-EU markets which is looking highly attractive for European producers of high quality poultry is the United Arab Emirates.

The production of poultry in the UAE grew slightly in the last year, however it will still not be able to satisfy demand for domestic consumption. According to data from  2018, domestic production is capable of satisfying 11% of gross domestic demand[3]. An additional factor enhancing the attractiveness of the UAE market for European producers of high quality poultry is the weakening of the position of one of the key market players, Brazil.

These forecasts are favourable for the EU poultry market. Thanks to the use of the QAFP system, poultry from the EU is winning a unique base of loyalty, which is an important element in both domestic and foreign demand, including in non-EU markets such as the UAE.

Both the favourable market situation and the high quality of the products mean that European poultry produced in compliance with the requirements of the QAFP system is increasingly competitive in comparison with poultry produced elsewhere in the world. One of the main priorities of the EU is sustainable and environmentally friendly production. In line with the “field to table” concept, all elements of the production chain are monitored by the appropriate veterinary services. Thanks to this, poultry produced in the European Union is characterised by high quality and safety. Additionally, the implementation of the QAFP quality control system allows poultry to be produced with an inimitable high quality, which meets the expectations even of highly demanding consumers.


Market share of poultry exports to the UAE

Exporting country Import to UAE      
  January – June 2016 January – June  2017
  Quantity Market share Quantity Market share
Brazil 159 74% 145 70%
USA 36 17% 35 17%
Ukraine 3 2% 8 4%
Turkey 3 1% 6 2%
EU 8 3% 5 2%
Others 8 3% 10 5%
Total 217 100% 209 100%

Source: Report by US Foreign Agricultural Service *quantity in 1,000 MT



[2] Ibid.


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