The EU promotional and information campaign entitled “European Poultry – The Power of Quality”, aimed at popularising European poultry produced according to the QAFP quality system, begins the third year in operation with a very large range of activities planned. One of them is participation in the prestigious GULFOOD 2018 fair, taking place between 18-22 February 2018 at the World Trade Centre in Dubai. The “European Poultry – The Power of Quality” campaign also has the honour of being the Silver Sponsor of that unique event.

Each year, the GULFOOD fair sets new records – last year the event was attended by 97 000 guests, while the exhibitors had a display area of nearly 100 000 m2 at their disposal. In the twenty-third year running, the event will focus on innovation in 8 different sectors, including poultry. High-quality QAFP-certified poultry fits the idea behind the fair perfectly, offering some of the latest technological solutions, looking after animal welfare and facilitating production in line with the principles of Halal.

The organiser of the campaign is the largest Polish trade association of poultry farmers and producers – the National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce. Experts from the Council will be present at the “European Poultry – The Power of Quality” booth ZP-G16, accompanied by representatives of leading European companies from the poultry production sector. All visitors will be able to obtain in-depth information at the booth about the possibility of importing European poultry to the UAE market and other Persian Gulf states and about the benefits of the QAFP system, as well as to participate in business meetings.

The GULFOOD 2018 fair will be accompanied by many other events, such as discussion panels, in which the campaigners will be participating actively. We hope that the activities will result in establishing new business relations and increasing the awareness of the quality of European poultry among poultry importers and distributors in order to build its positive image. Moreover, a culinary presentation will take place at the booth with tasting of poultry dishes, to show off the excellent taste of QAFP poultry.

Participation in the GULFOOD 2018 fair will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences of the poultry market and to build positive relationships with professionals working on that market, trade associations, representatives of the local authorities and the media.

This website has been prepared for the purpose of the program which was financed in 2016-2019 from the European Union and the Republic of Poland, as well as from the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund.