At the end of February 2018, the US Department of Agriculture published an update of the Report containing forecasts for European poultry.[1] According to the document, in 2018, an increase in both production and exports can be expected again. The imports will remain stable and European consumers will appreciate European poultry values ​​for another year in a row.

Another year of growth in European poultry production

In 2018, the American forecasts predict a further increase by 1 percentage point in poultry production in the EU, compared to 2017.  It is a continuation of the surprisingly good 2017, when the production of European poultry increased by 2.5%, which is more than predicted by experts.  This was mainly due to successive records beaten by Poland, the leading producer in the EU.

European poultry appreciated all over the world

According to the predictions of the American Department of Agriculture, in 2018, poultry imports to the European Union will remain stable. However, as in previous years, exports will continue to grow despite the continued bans imposed by some countries in connection with the outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry in some of the EU states. In 2017, exports of European poultry to the sub-Saharan countries such as Ghana, Congo, Liberia and Gabon increased significantly. It is also worth noting that Vietnamese consumers are increasingly appreciating the values ​​of European poultry, including that produced in the QAFP system (Quality Assurance for Food Products). In 2017 exports to Vietnam increased by 45% compared to 2016.  Hopefully, the increase in interest in European poultry to some extent was the result of a three-year promotional and information campaign entitled „European poultry – strength in quality” continued on that market since 2016. The campaign aims to bring the values ​​of European poultry produced in the QAFP system to importers, representatives of retail chains, officials and opinion leaders, the HoReCa sector as well to as poultry meat producers and processors.  Currently, the third and last year of the campaign, co-financed among others by the EU funds, is underway. Certainly, the best reward for the organiser, the largest Polish trade association uniting breeders and poultry producers, the National Poultry Council-Chamber of Commerce, will be a further increase in interest in European poultry meat produced in the QAFP system, not only in 2018, but also in the years to come.

[1]The entire article is based on USDA GAIN Report: Poultry and Products Semi-annual_Paris_EU-28_2-26-2018

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