According to data presented on 19 July 2018 by the European Commission regarding the state of the poultry market in the European Union,[1] by April 2018 a return to an increase in production of European poultry was noted, as was an increase in exports of poultry and a decrease in imports of poultry to the EU.

Consumers worldwide desire meat products with high flavour appeal and quality. European poultry produced in the QAFP system is proof that these two desires can be combined, delivering a product which is highly regarded. As the data below show, European poultry, including poultry with the QAFP quality guarantee, is once again winning the recognition of many consumers for another year.

The production of European poultry increased by April 2018 by 6.6% year on year. The largest growth was noted in countries such as Hungary (22.4%), Bulgaria (18.6%) and Romania (10.9%), i.e., representatives of Central-Eastern Europe. Conversely, several countries can be mentioned in  which a drop in poultry production was noted, including Latvia (-5.9%), Italy (-3.7%), and Cyprus (-1.7%), i.e., countries characterised by lower production volumes in terms of the poultry industry. It is worth noting that the largest producers of poultry in Europe, i.e. Germany, Poland, and France, once again saw stable growth at a level of 7-10%.

From January to May 2018, a drop in imports of poultry to the European Union of 8.8% was noted in comparison to the same period in 2017. The largest drop was seen in imports from Brazil (-42%). This situation simultaneously caused an increase an increase in imports from other suppliers outside of the EU, e.g. Ukraine (+91%), Chile (+78%), and Argentina (+38%). It is worth mentioning that the volume of imports from China also increased by exactly 22%, while at the same time EU exports to Hongkong dropped by 12%.

It should also be noted that European poultry is enjoying increasing popularity around the world, resulting in a 10% growth in exports in the period January-May 2018 (year on year for this period).  Countries which have recently shown increased interest in European poultry products (in the period January-May 2018 compared to the same period year on year) include the Philippines (+96%), Vietnam (+ 49%), Ukraine (+25%), and Ghana (+18%).

It is important to note that European meat products, including meat produced in the QAFP system, has for years been synonymous with high quality and a guarantee of safety at every stage of the production process. These qualities give consumers of European poultry, including poultry with the QAFP quality certificate, a guarantee of outstanding flavour and confidence in the product, as demonstrated by the products’ excellent export and sales figures.

[1] All data come from the presentation titled “EU Market Situation for Poultry”, presented during a session of the Committee for the Common Organisation of the Agricultural Markets on 19 July 2018.

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