The European Union supports campaigns that promote high quality agricultural products.


The high quality goose meat has a light skin color and characteristic red or dark red meat color. Its hue depends on the way the animals were fed. When buying the high quality goose meat, a consumer is sure that the meat is free of water injections or other injections and its pH determined 24 hours after the slaughtering varies from 5.8 to 6.0. This value confirms that the quality of the product is high. The meat should be free of bruises or fractures.

One of the characteristics of the high quality goose meat is the feeding manner. Three weeks before the slaughtering they are fed exclusively with oat that has outstanding biological characteristics and positively influences the flavor of the meat. Apart from numerous culinary advantages, the high quality goose meat is characterized by a high protein level and easily digestible unsaturated fat acids – omega 3 and omega 6, CLA (conjugated linoleic acids). Additionally, it contains little fat, many vitamins, and iron.

After the preparation, the high quality goose meat has a tender structure and pronounce flavor.

The QAFP system covers the following elements of young Polish oats-fed goose carcase: whole carcase with skin and bone, goose cuts with skin and bones, boneless goose cuts with skin and boneless and skinless goose meat.