The European Union supports campaigns that promote high quality agricultural products.



Dynamics of poultry production in the European Union According to the most recent data, published by the European Commission, poultry production in the European Union in 2016 increased year on year in quantity by 4.4% and it amounted to 14.4 million tons. Such a big increase can be attributed to the results obtained by the […]


At the turn of 2016/2017 the European poultry industry faced the wave of focal points of highly virulent bird flu in poultry. In some countries the disease was more intense, in others the virus influenced only a few farms. However, it can be said from the perspective that the previous season was unprecedented in terms […]


Between 17-21 July 2017, Poland which the biggest producer of poultry in the European Union[1], hosted a delegation of high rank representatives who, first and foremost, represented the CIQA organisation (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association). The participants of the mission took part in a specially organised seminar. They also had an opportunity to visit […]


As part of a three-year promotional and information campaign “European poultry – the power of quality” intended to popularize high quality European meat produced in the QAFP system (Quality Assurance for Food Products) another trade mission for guests from China to Poland has been planned. The visit planned for 17-21 July 2017 is intended for […]


Presentation of dishes and information meetings – this way, representatives of the campaign titled „European poultry – the power of quality” promoted European poultry produced in line with the QAFP system at HOFEX 2017 fair that was held between 8 and 11 May in China. Its advantages, safety, quality and possibility of imports to the […]


Between 25-27 April 2017 the 9th edition of the Food&Hotel Vietnam 2017, one of the biggest exhibition events of the region, was held in Ho Chi Minh. European poultry produced in line with principles of the quality system QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products) was promoted as part of the “European poultry – the power […]


Between 8 and 11 May experts of the the campaign titled „European poultry – the power of quality” will take part in Hofex fair in Hong Kong. It is one of the events with the most well-grounded tradition and reputation on the Asian market, which has been organised already for 30 years. The European poultry […]


Between 25-27 April 2017 in the city of Ho Chi Minh the 9th edition of one of the biggest exhibition events in that region – Food&Hotel Vietnam 2017 fair – will be held. Of course, European poultry also can’t miss such an important exhibition. Numerous events have been planned for the Vietnamese fair as part […]


“European poultry – the power of quality” is the name of a campaign that promotes poultry produced in line with the QAFP system, but also an idea that was advertised by experts among the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, and among participants of Gulfood 2017 fair.


Global demand for meat is going to grow continually. Between 26 February and 2 March, a delegation of the National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce is going to participate in the economic mission, organised during the Gulfood 2017 fair, to search for new recipients of the European poultry. It is a great opportunity to […]

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