The European Union supports campaigns that promote high quality agricultural products.

Information campaign

„European poultry – the power of quality” is a promotion and information campaign planned for three years that promotes high quality European poultry produced in line with the QAFP system.

The project is targeted at the consumers from China, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates. The main assumptions of this initiative is to expand the market through creating a demand for poultry produced in line with the QAFP system and strengthening its positive image in the program’s target groups. The key information concerning the campaign is focused on the strict safety norms and high quality and transparency of every stage of production, and guaranteeing that the final customer will obtain high quality and outstanding flavor. The actives that are planned until the February 2019 are mainly focused on the B2B and are not limited to: the implementation of the promotion and information campaign on the target markets, participation in the trade events in the target countries, cooperation with the representatives of influencers, selected trade organizations located in particular countries. The National Poultry Association – Chamber of Commerce has initiated the campaign “European poultry – the power of quality”. The project is supervised by the Agricultural Market Agency and funded from the European Union, the Republic of Poland, and the Poultry Promotion Fund.