The European Union supports campaigns that promote high quality agricultural products.


Czesław Brzozowski Czesław Brzozowski – Expert of poultry production of the National Poultry Council

The Quality Assurance for Food Products differs from other quality systems as it emphasizes the importance of producing goods in line with the specificity declared by the producer. An independent controlling agent verifies at least once a year if the producer conforms to the norms declared. The certifying unit collects specimen to confirm that the QAFP requirements included in the products’ definitions are met. At the same time, the QAFP obliges the producers to present detailed instructions of producing particular goods specifying the production conditions to guarantee repetitive quality and full identification with the standards adapted.


Leszek Lemke Leszek Lemke – Head of the National Poultry Council Quality Commission, R&D President, Representative of the Board of Directors for Quality Systems Drosed S.A.

The production process in a poultry processing plant needs to be conducted in line with special procedures and conditions presented in the “hygienic pack” that comprises a series of the EU requirements and has to conform to the norms concerning good production and hygiene practices. These requirements are presented by the HACCP which is obligatory for every production facility. This system aims at monitoring the production parameters that are key for the meat safety, among other aims. Such level of supervision in every production facility is a basis for a final product of high quality.


Izabela Topolska m Izabela Topolska – Quality Expert of the National Poultry Council – Representative of the Board of Directors for Quality Systems Indykpol S.A.

One of the most important advantages of the packed poultry is its hermetic packaging. When purchasing the packed poultry, we are sure that it has not been contaminated with microorganisms at any stage of distribution, storing or displaying in a store’s fridge. Nothing “unwanted” reaches that meat. The fact that no microorganisms can come in touch with the poultry directly influences product’s durability – lack of contamination, controlled storing environment directly translate into longer, safer “best before” period in comparison to unpacked meat.


Aleksandra Porada m Aleksandra Porada– Expert onAnimal Derived Food Products Safety and Provender

“If food has to be safe, the animals being this food need to be healthy.” The European Union countries approach this assumption with due diligence; therefore, strict law that binds all the Member Countries has been created. Moreover, all the stages of the poultry breeding and husbandry and each stage of the medical treatment are conducted under a strict supervision of a veterinary physician. It guarantees that the poultry and poultry products made in the European Union are safe.